Water audit gives a detailed profile of the distribution system and water usages, thereby facilitating easier and effective management of the resources with improved reliability. It determines the amount of water lost from a distribution system due to leakage and other reasons such as theft, unauthorized or illegal withdrawals from the systems and the cost of such losses to the utility. It helps in correct diagnosis of the problems faced in order to suggest optimum solutions. It is also an effective tool for realistic understanding and assessment of the present performance level and efficiency of the utilities and the adaptability of the system for future expansion & rectification of faults during modernization.

Elements of water audit include record of the amount of water produced (total water supply), water delivered to metered users, water delivered to un-metered users, water loss and suggesting measures to address water loss (through leakages and other unaccounted for water losses). It is very helpful in adopting different methods of water conservation such rain water harvesting, water recycle and adopting other new technologies for horticulture, farm irrigation etc.