Energy cost is a significant factor in daily life whether it is house, building or industry etc. The depletion of conventional resources of energy also demanding for focusing on Energy Conservation. Energy Conservation is meant for consuming lesser energy for same level of activity. For this purpose quantification of Energy in terms of input, output and wastage is very important.

Energy Audit is a survey to understand how energy is consumed in the facility from the different sources of energy (i.e. Electricity and fuels). It attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its effective use and the wastage. With the help of energy audit the opportunities of energy savings can be identified by eliminating the inefficient use of energy. Energy Audit comes up with detailed recommendations on the implementation of energy saving measures with accurate estimation of economic impacts.

The Energy Audit can help an organization by:

  • Setting a benchmark of Energy Consumption so that the energy wastage can be easily tracked within unit and among the competitive units.
  • More profit by reducing at least one major running cost (Electricity and/or Fuel) to run the business.
  • Offering more competitive price to the customers.
  • Organization will achieve the market value by indicating themselves as environment friendly and responsible.
  • Meeting the Norms by Such as Energy Conservation Act 2001, Energy Conservation Building Code, controlling Emissions, demand, loses etc.
  • Getting recognition in market by get awarded through Energy Conservation Awards Schemes.

We are helping with our team of experts by:

  1. Walk through or Preliminary Audit which is completed within 1- 2 days with limited instruments and man power.
  2. Detailed Energy Audit which includes engineering recommendations and well-defined project, giving due priorities. The detailed audit is conducted with the help of sophisticated instruments. The number of working days and the manpower required depends upon the facility.
  3. Implementing recommendations (ENCONs) mentioned in detailed Energy Audit Report.
  4. Post Energy Audit to check what actual potential has been achieved once Energy Conservation Measures has been implemented.
  5. Helping clients to get recognized and get benefited through the various government financial and award schemes based upon the data provided.